My ACWW/ACCF help site…

13 08 2010

Ive made a site for ACWW/ACCF for people who need help on any of the 2 games. Here is the link click here…


Rorys cool pic (im in it 2)!

7 08 2010

Rorys cool picture. By Rory.

Rory has been seeded and had to restart!!!

20 07 2010


Rory has been seeded I repeat Rory has been seeded. She had to restart and his name is Daniel from Oakville I whitnessed all of it and I am Luke from Mbro. When he came in Rory and daniel started arguing and then they became friends again then he said to save and then that’s when it happened… Wifi lagged then crashed and then I got private thread from Rory on acc saying she had been seeded ad had to restart. That’s why I’m saying all this. This message is a warning telling u about Daniel the seeder!

Create a FREE website! (not a blog)

8 07 2010

UHHH site construction

8 07 2010

Yea hi guys Sean here (as usual) the site is kinda under maintinance as you can see because they are no pages (dont know where they have gone). So pls bare with me while i try and get the on and working again.

False alarm

6 07 2010

False alarm wifi working


6 07 2010

OMG ur all suspects every last one of you who went to my town before wifi lagged at 20:45 (roundabouts) some 1 has bricked me because I can’t connect to wifi through acww but I can connect to wifi over the dsi browser so if I can’t get on wifi on acww by the end of tomorrow I will be taking action. Be prepared…